Monday, June 4, 2007

Go to Hawaii if you have enough of Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef are great places to visit, but if you go there often, it can become routine and boring. How about visiting Hawaii for a change? Things you can get there that you can't get at the Gold Coast include viewing the spouting humpback whales, dormant and active volcanoes, Hawaiian culture such as the Hula dance, etc. Hawaii stress on ecotourism, and there is plenty of nature you can experience and local culture you can sample there and it is ecotourism if you stick to the web definition of ecotourism: "Travel undertaken to witness sites or regions of unique natural or ecologic quality, or the provision of services to facilitate such travel." There is no mention of offsetting CO2 emission caused by the round trip travel by such tourism. I found an Australian site (which gave a lot of choices of departure and arrival points, even including non-Australian departure points at ClimateFriendly. I filled in a form and found that a round trip from Melbourne, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii for 1 person will result in trip of 8874km and a carbon emission of 5.3 tonnes. For the environmentally conscious, there are sites that offer ways of offsetting that if you trust them. Just use the search engines to search for them.

Hawaii consists of six island (some says eight) and the biggest island is Hawaii Big Island. North of that is the interesting Maui Island, and at the southern tip of Maalaea Bay is Kihei. Kihei is a bustling place and yet can be a relaxing place to spend your vacation and is not as expensive as places like Wailea. You can find affordable accommodations as described in Kihei Maui Condos. You can get more information about Kihei condominiums at A Kihei Condominium at Fantastic Price.

As mentioned above, Kihei is part of the Maalaea Bay, a place where spouting humpback whales come to have their babies in winter. You can watch them from the shore or take a whale watching boat tour that departs from Maalaea Harbor daily during the seasonal migration. You can also enjoy the nice beaches in Kihei or other parts of the Maalaea Bay. You can also enjoy nice view of the Mt. Haleakala, a dormant volcano.

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