Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why go to Buckingham Palace? You can see something more impressive in Stockholm

Australia is very close connected to Great Britain. As most of you know, the populating of Australia with people of European origin started with the sending of convicts from Great Britain, so many of the inhabitants of Australia will have ties with Great Britain. The Queen of Great Britain is also Queen of Australia, so it is probably natural for Australians to visit Buckingham Palace where the Queen resides and where you can see the daily changing of guards. But why visit Buckingham Palace? You can see a similar ceremony with greater pomp at the Royal Palace at Stockholm, the Swedish Royal residence. It is one of the largest and most classy palaces in Europe. It was built in 1754 on the remains of an earlier medieval castle. The changing of the guard takes place in front of the palace every day at 12.15pm. On Sundays, it will be at 1.15pm.

The Stockholm Royal Palace is located in Gamla stan (Old Town) with its cobbled streets and narrow 17th-century alleys. Gamla stan will be of interest to history buffs with many building of Swedish architecture from the 17th century. Shoppers will like Gamla stan with small and large shops lining the streets offering jewellery, souvenirs, rare books and gifts. You may also encounter street musicians. There is also the 13th-century Cathedral, the Storkyrkan.

Other major Stockholm’s attractions are the island of Djurgården with entertainment outlets, museums, restaurants and forested green space. It used to be the royal hunting ground, but now tourists hunt for souvenirs at the Handarbetets Vanner (handicraft centre). You can also visit the art galleries. Thrills and spills at available at Gröna Lund, Stockholm's amusement park. Skansen open-air museum is located at Djurgården where you can ogle at Nordic wildlife at the zoo. There will also be folk dancing. At Junibacken, you will find the National Museum of Cultural History and the Vasa Museum which shows the restored 17th-century vessel raised from Stockholm harbour. It was in 1628 that the ancient warship, Vasa sailed from Stockholm on her maiden voyage and sank. It was discovered in 1961, salvaged and restored. It is now the world's only well preserved 17th-century ship.

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